domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

Collaborative Storytelling with Padlet.


I was invited to participate in a collaborative chain story and this is my contribution.

Collaborative Chain Story

Group A (September 2016 Edition)



Manuel F. Carro

Time to lose, is it what Rosco did not have at all?. Yes, that was right. He could not, he should not, he would not waste any other second because he was most impressed by the terrible morning wake: an unknown disagreeable masked guy,   that red box, that packet of cigarettes
,that horrible clown, that terrifying message, the ammount of money. What on earth did those people think he coud do to get the money, to save his dearest Johnson, to defend his life
?  A poor accountant, that Amanda, that singing with Johnson and that terrible, that disabling, that paralyzing doble vision wiht such an unbearable headache.....He went straightaway into his kitchen,    he made coffee. Later, he opened the cupboard. Then ,he took out the most scentful piece of that delicatessen called in Spain, "Jamón Ibérico". Ham was not a good enough  good term to translate  that glorious delicatessen. Next, he  cut two almost transparent slices and ate them up. The scent, the taste, the aroma took both the double vision and the headache away. They disabling symptons had just disappeared and now he had to something serious about the kidnap....

miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2016

DST2. Comics that express feelings.

 Let me tell you about my experience making comics and the tool I used.

2,3,4-panel comics can be created and they can be created in several languages.

It is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that helps you out to make your comic true. There is an instant help menu, you do not have to register, you can choose objects, scenes, balloon,panel prompts, characters and words from the easy-to-use galleries.

It was created by Bill Zimmerman, the art work was done by Tom Bloom and you create your own comics with the offer of the options mentioned above.

It could be improved by offering the opportunity to generate an URL since you cannot store it on their cloud and no codes can be genrated. Therefore, you will have to save it in your disk or to print it and save in your disk or to email it to yourself or friends.

In conclusion, an exciting and interesting tool which is easy to use, student-friendly and safe for students. It is ready to be used with students and I will.